About Our OEM

Procom Engineering, Inc. is a California corporation that provides an easy avenue for businesses to have access to production in China without going through brokers. We are not a broker or a ‘middle-man’. We are the direct link to our factories, and we oversee both the quality control and the shipments. Our OEM capabilities include molding, injection, stamping, sand casting, investment casting, die-casting, forging, welding, and more. We can find you a manufacturing solution no matter your need. Over the past 20+ years, we have been building successful manufacturing relationships with companies all over the world. Our objective is to help your company increase your profit margins, which creates a win-win situation for everyone.

Some of our OEM production facilities in China

About Our Businesses


The Autovoltek ChargeRobot is an affordable automated EV charging robot for home use. The ChargeRobot will use its onboard AI and computer vision to locate the charging port door, pop it open, and plug itself in and charge using power from your wall charger.


ElectroSport offers the largest range of high quality replacement Stators, Regulator/Rectifiers and CDI and ECU units. We manufacture all components in our own factory and carefully control production processes and only use the best materials in our manufacturing process.


The JetskiBuddy is a revolutionary new system designed to make jet ski operations easier and safer than ever before, with no monthly fee. The system has jetski distance monitoring, operating area monitoring, and rental timer monitoring, and can limit jetski speeds and give audio and visual alerts when unsafe operation is detected.


GeniusPillbox's built in digital assistant learns the user's pill taking schedule over time. By using smart sensors in each compartment, GeniusPillbox only alerts you when you forget to take your pill around your normal time, removing the need to turn off an annoying alarm every day. GeniusPillbox also will alert you if the wrong compartment is opened, insuring that the right pills are taken on the right day.


The SuperTiedown is a new kind of Tiedown which responds to changes in load tension, preventing rough roads and awkward loads from loosening the strap and losing the cargo. Inside the steel ratchet are two heavy-industry grade steel springs which absorb additional tension when the Responsive Ratchet is tightened. During load shift, this extra tension is transferred into the strap, maintaining overall tension and preventing the strap from loosening.


The Dewplanter is a water generating planter that uses ambient moisture in the air to water plants. It uses condensation to gather the moisture, and feeds the water directly into the plant's roots to ensure that plants always have a steady supply of water.


FUMI is a pursehook that works as a bangle bracelet or a purse accessory. It offers a convenient way to keep your purse clean and safe in public. FUMI also includes phone wallets and other accessories.


The Seapiper is a 35ft unique modern compact trawler that is economical to own and operate, and needs very little in maintenance and has a large fuel capacity and long range. The compact trawler has been designed to offer excellent handling characteristics and a very comfortable motion coupled with great fuel economy.


The ResortCharger is a wine stand with built-in chargers for restaurants and bars. It features light up LEDS that add ambiance to any bar or restaurant, and can charge up to four devices simultaneously.